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Best Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym

Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for working out.  Listening to music wirelessly gives you the motivation you need from your favorite tunes without the hazards of cables getting caught in equipment.

Choosing the right wireless headset for your workout is crucial.  Not all Bluetooth earbuds are created equal in the gym. It’s important to find a device that’s comfortable and can stand up to the sweaty mess that you become during intense workouts.  Here are our top picks for Bluetooth earbuds to use while you work out!

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

The Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are ideal for those who like to get hot and sweaty during a workout. That’s because the S10 headphones are made out of a hydrophobic mesh with silicone seals and encased speakers which effectively make the entire unit sweat proof.

The Motorola S10-HD also excels at comfort. The behind-the-head design weighs just over an ounce so it will hug your head without weighing you down. The unit also ships with four gel earbuds of different sizes to fit snugly in any sized ear.

Sony Active Style Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset / Headphones

Next up are the Sony Active Style Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones. These earbuds boast soft elastomer construction with an advanced support mechanism using a hanger and neckband, allowing for an ultra secure fit. Add to that an earpiece shaft that adjusts to various sized ears and you have a very comfortable headset so you can concentrate on building muscle or burning calories.

Like the Motorola S10, the Sony headphones are built to withstand sweat. Sweat guards help moisture pass around the headphones during those extra-intense workout sessions.

Altec Lansing 903 BackBeat Headphones

Last but certainly not least we have the Altec Lansing 903 BackBeat Headphones. These guys are probably the best sounding earbuds of the group, both for listening to music and making calls. However the comfort of the unit is sacrificed for the quality of the sound, which may or may not be a good trade-off for you. Weighing in at slightly over 6 ounces, they are definitely the heaviest headset in this lineup. The over-the-ear design ensure they’ll stay on your head while you stay active, so we still recommend them for those audiophile fitness buffs.

The sound quality is where the BackBeat Headphones shine. They feature built-in bass boost technology so you can really feel the beat during your workout. They also offer dual-mic AudioIQ technology for crystal clear phone conversations. The final cool audio feature is the OpenMic filter, which allows you to turn on the built-in microphone so you can hear the outside world without taking off the earbuds or interrupting your music.

All three Bluetooth earbud headsets featured here are great for working up a sweat to your favorite tunes.

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